A company that has deeply cared about people and the environment

Pourmon Co., Ltd.,


Pourmon Co., Ltd. is making the world to be valuable life with the superior technology.

Pourmon Co., Ltd., a company that has deeply cared about
people and the environment.

Like the company name "Pour le monde", Pourmon Co., Ltd. continues to think
and study today for a better tomorrow and a better world and we'll be Pourmon Co., Ltd.
who grows with our customers together.


Founded in October 2021, Pourmon Co., Ltd. developed a kind of drainage backflow preventer called "DAMAGA " that prevents sewage stench and bugs. It recorded over 1M unit sales through TV Home shopping channel and on-line markets as of August 2023.


Y-zone care stocking had been created based on the point of it could cause serious harmful issue on the body due to breathability problem of stocking, it has been sold to Korea market through “ WADIS “ and to Japan market through “ MAKUAKE “ in 2023.


In modern society, many people are suffering from diabetes, and it is expected that the number will continue to grow in the future, so as a solution to this, we have started an attempt to develop Dr. Dadangmi since 2022 and finally we launched Dr. Dadangmi instant Rice on July 2023. We have been trying to promote it with our best through TV Homes hopping channel sales and on-line marketing activities.